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Updated: Oct 2, 2019

By: Girish Kumar Nambiar

I was looking the other way when a have hit me,

I turned around and it came back hard,

and it broke away in me,

I can't remember which way I was going,

don't know if I should keep growing,

but now I'm towing and i'm rowing,

I'm going with the wave within me,

in a daze I'm walking through the crowd singing please wave with me,

follow me through my cave and feed the crave inside of me,

I cannot fight the haze without the craze but I don't want this pain anymore so I'm letting go of it now,

its only love that guides me,

only love that guides me now so lets get on with loving,

release me from this place, I can't believe we've been displaced,

believe me when I say I need you deep inside of me,

inside my mind, inside my heart, inside of my soul, so please don't hide from me,

I need you inside of this dark, languid place that frightens the hell out of me,

because when i'm alone all I have is the echo chamber of the walls that bounce the sounds around the halls that go nowhere but down,

down, down, down,

and I need refuge just like you, just like you I need to get back home too, and home is where the heart is, remember?

So give me shelter, please, and I'll take you in, too,

take me into another dimension, I know it's within you, I've seen it come so close to being true,

free me from a mind that's brought me as far as it needs to,

as far as I'm willing to listen to you,

I think we could both use a place to hide our heads too,

from the noisy concrete, the loud crashing drills, all the holier than thou speak and the endless repetitive bad news,

let's band together and bring ourselves closer to each other under a roof that's incomplete,

crack open a can of whatever and hug the pillows and talk about anything you want,

let's just eek,

I'm tired of being tired, tired of trying, tired of lending,

tired of scripting everyone's story for them,

let's just get quiet together and maybe, eventually, we can both get a little sleep,

maybe even dream,

I'll dream for you and you can dream a dream for me,

we'll dance in circles around a warm little fire and eat snacks until we're good and tired,

I don't think I'll ever want to go back, would you?

Where is back again? I want to stay here.

With you... in this moment...that's true...

I want something true.

I want to feel again, too.

I want to feel.

So let's release, already.

Get back to the orange sun.

How does that sound?

Sound like fun?

Good. Let's go, then. I'm ready when you are.

I’ll count down to one.






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