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Summer’s Night and Summer’s Breeze

By Girish

Oh sweep me my feet do please, 

In the throes of defeat I speak,

Not of victory or glory or honor,

But of the embers that burn bright with disaster.

But what do I mean then by disaster,

Surely not a happy ever after,

What do I mean when I ask her,

If she courts danger with her laughter.

Is heaven gonna take me there, 

There where we’ll no longer be scared,

Scared of what the dream might mean,

Walking into worlds unseen. 

Higher up or down below,

Maybe we’ll just never know,

But the break comes before the river flows, 

Gently back into the sea. 

Wait for them, no wait for me, 

I’m coming out from under the weeds,

All attention to the sun we feed, 

Then back into the cave of needs.

Tiny gardener does plant a seed,

Knowing well that he will never see,

The plant that shall grow ahead with leaves,

That spread about immeasurably.

So cast your net out to the line,

And place one finger on the stone,

Break your back until it shines,

Then resolve yourself for you’re on your own.

On your own maiden voyage,

Out to where the waters churn,

Yet wave one hand to those around you, 

For they forage too for a way back home.

Summer nights and summer’s breeze,

Shadows cast by fading light,

Teach us to come into an ease,

That deepens into canyoned heights.

I am there, no I am here,

And will forever always be,

A master of my destiny,

One who holds a silver key.

And though it may just never seem,

Like all of this is worth the fight,

I go in knowing that what once was not,

Does now become a flaming light.

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